1) If you press this button, water ___ running from the tap a) starts b) will start c) start 2) I'll start making lunch ___ come back with the groceries a) when you b) when you will c) when will you 3) Susan will check her emails if she ___ time a) will have b) has c) have 4) When people ___ too much, they often feel sick a) eat b) will eat c) are eating 5) If it isn't sunny tomorrow, ____ go to the beach a) we don't b) we won't c) we will 6) If this project ____, I might get a better mark a) go well b) will go well c) goes well 7) You ____ difficulty breathing if you ____ to high altitudes. a) may have / will go b) have / will go c) will have / go 8) Diseases spread easily ____ people wash their hands regularly. a) if b) unless c) if not 9) What _____ if you _____ your finger? a) you will do / cut b) will you do / will cut c) will you do / cut 10) We ____ plasters unless someone ____ themselves. a) don't need / will cut b) won't need / cuts c) won't need / cut




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