1) My brother and I ___________ swimming almost every day last summer. a) went b) had been going c) were going d) had gone e) was going 2) We ___________when someone knocked at the door. a) talked b) had talked c) were talking d) were talked e) was talking f) had been talking 3) When the robbery happened, the security guard ___________! a) slept b) was sleeping c) had slept d) was slept e) were sleeping f) had been sleeping 4) Jack ___________chess before, so I showed him what to do. a) hadn't been playing b) didn't play c) wasn't playing d) hadn't played 5) I wasn't sure how Belinda would react because ___________ her long. a) didn't know b) wasn't knowing c) hadn't been knowing d) hadn't known 6) Jan ___________ at the factory long when he made a manager. a) hadn't been working b) wasn't working c) didn't work d) wasn't worked 7) I wanted to say goodbye to Jerry, but he ___________. a) was already left b) already left c) had already been leaving d) had already left 8) When we got to the airport, I realised I ___________ my passport at home! a) was left b) had left c) left d) had been leaving


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