What is your favourite sport?, What is your friend’s name?, Where do you live? Do you live in a flat or a house?, How many teachers have you got?, Do you live in a big house or a small house?, How many brothers and sisters have you got?, What is your friend’s name? How old is your friend?, Is your school big or small?, What is your favourite clothes?, What do you have for lunch?, How many rooms are there in your flat/house?, What is your favourite lesson?, What is your favourite hobby?, What do you do with your friend?, What food don’t you like?, What clothes do you wear to school?, Can you ride a bike?, Can you play the piano?, What’s your favourite toy?, What’s your favourite animal?, What’s your favourite colour?, What’s your favourite transport?, Can you swim?, Do you like ice cream?, What’s your favourite school day of the week?, Do you like school?, Do you watch TV?, Do you like cats?, Do you play football?, Can you dance?.


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