1) Do you think we should _____ the use of fossil fuels to protect the environment? a) legal b) consequence c) crucial d) disposal e) authority f) prohibit 2) Some people have drawn the _____ that climate change is not real. Do you agree? a) prohibit b) conclusion c) legal d) circumstance s e) crucial f) disposal 3) Do you think governments should have the _____ to limit the number of flights we take? a) disposal b) circumstances c) legal d) conclusion e) authority f) prohibit 4) What do you think will be the _____ of using fossil fuels? a) consequence b) circumstances c) conclusion d) crucial e) legal f) prohibit 5) Should we ban the _____ of waste at sea? a) disposal b) legal c) authority d) crucial e) prohibit f) conclusion 6) What's the most _____ change we need to make to protect the environment? a) consequence b) prohibit c) legal d) disposal e) crucial f) circumstances 7) Under what _____ would you give up your car? a) circumstances b) authority c) conclusion d) legal e) prohibit f) crucial 8) In most countries it is _____ to own as many cars as you want. Do you think this law should be changed? a) circumstances b) authority c) conclusion d) legal e) crucial f) consequences 9) Single use plastic such as straws, cotton buds and cutlery _____ in Victoria in 2023. How do you feel about that? a) will be prohibited b) is prohibited c) was prohibited d) prohibit e) has been prohibited f) prohibiting 10) Submit and review your answers. How are each of these three problems related to the questions you answered? a) Water pollution b) Overpopulation in cities c) Global Warming

EAP I2 M2 U9 Complete and Discuss Environmental Issues




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