Dan has to ____ a lot of overtime. He has to work extra hours. Matt ____ last week. He was given a more important job Most nurses have to ____. Sometimes they work during the day and sometimes at night A man in our department ____ yesterday. He lost his job because of poor performance. Colin ____ last month. He lost his job because the company didn't need him anymore. The politician is going to ____. He has decided to leave his job. Lilian is going to ____ next month. She's 65, and she's going to stop working. Angela has ____ a business to sell clothes online. She had the idea and has started doing it. Everyone in the office has to ____ a training course. They need to learn how to use the new software. She ____ a job. She replied to an advertisement and sent in her resume.

ie .4 unit 8B vocabulary - work phrase




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