1) Las Palmas is dangerous 2) I would not visit a place with a high crime rate 3) Drugs are an issue in my community 4) What is the worst crime a person can commit? 5) Are there any crimes that deserve the death penalty? 6) Public executions would prevent crime 7) The punishment for drinking and driving should be more severe 8) Do you know anyone who has been mugged? 9) Criminals can be heroes. 10) Stealing from an individual is far worse than stealing from a company. 11) Gun ownership should be legal in Spain. 12) People who use illegal drugs should be put in jail 13) Violence on TV encourages violence in real life. 14) Policeman should carry guns 15) I support the death penalty. 16) Punishment for violent crimes should be the same for juveniles and adults. 17) The death penalty would prevent crime. 18) Legalization of narcotics would decrease the crime rate 19) There are some legal drugs that should be illegal 20) There is a link between drugs and crime. 21) Street art should not be a crime 22) There will be more crime in the future due to the current economy. 23) Spain is a safe place to live. 24) Sometimes it´s okay to break the law. 25) Prison helps to rehabilitate criminals. 26) There are some laws that can be broken and it´s not a big deal. 27) Is there anything legal that you think should be illegal? 28) Have you ever had anything stolen from you? 29) Shoplifting isn´t a big deal if the items aren´t expensive. 30) There should be bigger punishments for white collar crime, such as fraud, corruption and tax evasion. 31) Drug abuse should be considered a mental health crisis and not a crime. 32) There would be less crime is people had more access to mental health care. 33) Solitary confinement in prison should be banned. 34) Invent a debate topic related to violent crime. 35) Invent a debate topic related to juvenile criminals. 36) Parents should be held responsible for their children´s crimes if they are underage. 37) Parents should be responsible for paying for stolen objects or damage done by their underage children. 38) Children or teenagers who commit violent crimes should be charged as adults.

Crime & Punishment Debate




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