1) The owl is ... the tree. a) under b) in c) next to 2) The fox is ... the tree. a) under b) behind c) in front of 3) The rabbit is ... the tree. a) on b) behind c) between 4) The lion is ... the lamps. a) between b) under c) in 5) The apple is ... the book. a) on b) between c) next to 6) The spider is ... the arm. a) in b) next to c) on 7) The dog is ... the box. a) in b) on c) behind 8) The bird is ... the lamp. a) next to b) on c) behind 9) The deer is ... a tree a) behind b) in c) next to 10) The sheep is ... the present a) in front of b) above c) on 11) The sheep is ... the present a) on  b) in c) above 12) The cat is... the table a) on b) in c) under 13) the carrot is... the box a) on b) above c) in 14) The owl is ... the book a) on b) under c) in 15) The dolphin jumps ... the ring a) through b) between c) above 16) The girl is ... the mirror a) in front of b) behind c) above 17) The cat is...the mouse a) behind b) above c) below 18) The dog is ... the bird a) below b) above c) through 19) They are ... the car a) in b) below c) on d) outside 20) They are ... the garden a) in b) above c) below


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