Do you worry about the environment?, What stories have you read or heard recently about the environment?, What are the biggest problems facing our environment?, What would you do to save our environment?, What danger does your country pose to the global environment?, Do you think governments care more about the economy or the environment?, Which countries are leaders in caring about the environment?, What do you know about the history of how our environment came to be under threat?, Would you give money to or actively campaign for environmental causes?, What do you think of environmental groups like Greenpeace?, What is the quality of the environment in your country?, What kind of environmental policies does your country have/need?, How important is the natural environment to you in your daily life?, Are you environmentally friendly?, Do you think our environment is beyond repair?, Do you think international meetings on the environment are useful?, What do you think our grandkids will think of the way we treated the environment?, What is your image of an environmentalist?, If the Earth could speak, what would it tell us?.


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