1) Should we be worried about climate change? Are you worried? Explain. 2) ‘Cutting carbon emissions’ is an often used phrase. What does it mean and how can it be achieved? 3) Some people claim climate change is just part of a natural cycle and that it is not man-made. What do you think? 4) Are governments doing enough to combat climate change? Name some measures that have been so far. 5) The world is addicted to oil. Are there any alternatives to oil? 6) Should poor developing countries be asked to make similar efforts as wealthy, industrialized countries? Give your view. 7) Could climate change destroy life on Earth? Discuss a best-case and a worst-case scenario. 8) Scientists predict that the ice caps will melt. What affect could this have on life on Earth? 9) "There is no Planet B." What does this mean? Do you agree? 10) "If the Earth becomes unlivable, we can just go to another planet" Do you agree? 11) How does a growing population affect the environment? 12) What are "microplastics"?  13) What are some examples of recent natural disasters that are connected to climate change?  14) Do you think people can become extinct? Do you think they will? 15) What impact do you think COVID-19 has had/will have on the environment?

EAP I2 M2 U9 Advanced environment questions




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