Transition Words: for starters,, additionally,, in this way, , although, on the contrary,, Topic Sentences: Additionally, the environment suffers greatly from the many car emissions let out on the roads., For starters, stress. It is no secret that morning traffic jams and 5’o’clock traffic is often enough to send any driver into a fit of unadulterated rage. , Evidence: Heidrum Walter attested to this after moving into a mostly car-less community, claiming “when [she] had a car [she] was always tense. She's much happier that way" (Source 1)  , The event “[left] the streets of [Bogota] eerily devoid of traffic jams” (Source 3), Elaboration: which goes to show how stressful it was everyday, with traffic jams a common occurrence., This alone should be enough to horrify anyone out of such copious amounts of car usage., Conclusion Sentence: Not only does this help individual citizens and business owners, it helps the overall economy of the city as well. , Be the change you want to see and limit your car usage now.,





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