1) My mother's sister is my _______ . a) sister b) daughter c) aunt d) cousin 2) My father's brother is my ________ . a) grandfather b) uncle c) son d) cousin 3) My mother and father are my _______ a) friends b) grandparents c) parents d) cousins 4) My sister and I are my mother and father's _______ . a) cousins b) parents c) grandparents d) children 5) My mother's mother is my ______ . a) cousin b) daughter c) mother d) grandmother 6) My father's father is my _____ . a) son b) parent c) grandfather d) cousin 7) My aunt's son or daughter is my ______ . a) sister b) parent c) cousin d) uncle 8) Joe is Mr. Kelly's _____ . a) son b) uncle c) father d) grandfather 9) Sadie is Mr. Kelly's ______. a) sister b) mother c) cousin d) daughter 10) Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Kelly's ______ a) parent b) wife c) cousin d) daughter




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