1) In which year did Maradona score a goal with his hand? a) 1986 b) 1980 c) 1990 2) What is the national sport in Japan? a) Judo b) Sumo Wrestling c) Karate 3) How many minutes is a rugby match? a) 70 b) 80 Minutes c) 60 4) In which country were the first Olympic Games held? a) Osman Empire b) Roman Impire c) Greece 5) How many players are on each side of the net in beach volleyball? a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 6) How long is an Olympic swimming pool? a) 50 m b) 40 c) 45 m 7) How many players has a hockey team got on the ice? a) four players b) six players c) five players 8) Which two sports are practiced on a green table ? a) table tennis and tennis b) Billiards and ping-pong c) chess and checkers 9) In which sport can you win the Davis Cup? a) Tennis b) Football c) Basketball 10) How many times has Michael Schumacher been a Formula 1 champion? a) 7 b) 6 c) 8




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