1) WHAT DID HE EAT YESTERDAY? a) He ated pizza b) He eated pizza. c) He ate pizza. d) He eaten pizza. 2) WHAT DID THEY DO YESTERDAY? a) They goed on a picnic. b) They went on a picnic. c) They go on a picnic. d) They were going on a picnic. 3) WHAT DID SHE DO ON MONDAY? a) She takes pictures. b) She taken pictures. c) She taked pictures. d) She took pictures. 4) WHAT DID SHE DRINK WITH LUNCH? a) She drank orange juice. b) She drunk orange juice. c) She drinked orange juice. d) She drinks orange juice. 5) WHAT DID YOU DO LAST WEEKEND? a) I watched a parade. b) I watch a parade. c) I watching a parade. d) I watcht a parade. 6) WHAT DID HE DO ON FRIDAY? a) He is gone bowling. b) He went bowling. c) He goed bowling. d) He goes bowling. 7) WHAT DID HE DO LAST WEEK? a) He gets his hair cut. b) He gotten his hair cut. c) He got his hair cut. d) He has got his hair cut. 8) WHAT DID SHE DO ON SATURDAY? a) She goes shopping. b) She goed shopping. c) She did shopping. d) She went shopping. 9) WHAT DID THEY DO LAST WEEKEND? a) They had a birthday party. b) They haved a birthday party. c) They has a birthday party. d) They are having a birthday party. 10) WHAT DID SHE DO YESTERDAY? a) She sleeped all day. b) She slept all day. c) She sleeps all day. d) She sleeping all day. 11) WHAT DID YOU DO WEDNESDAY? a) I drawed. b) I drawn. c) I drawing. d) I drew. 12) WHAT DID SHE DO LAST WEEK? a) She broke her leg. b) She broken her leg. c) She breaked her leg. d) She was breaking her leg.





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