1) His clothes were a mess and the shoes hardly looked tidy __________ . a) neither b) either c) as well d) too 2) HDTV is expected to reach every home in the country in ___________ years. a) a few good b) next to a few c) the next few d) the few next 3) In the hands of a child, a knife becomes a ___________ weapon. a) fatal b) mortal c) deadending d) lethal 4) It was the mess in the house that had _________ her mom crazy. a) driven b) induced c) compelled d) brought 5) He had to ____ things____ in his life, so he could be happy again. a) think ... out b) puzzle ... out c) work .... out d) make ... off  6) would you say this TED talk is worth ______to_? a) being listen b) listening c) to be listened d) to listen 7) He always manages to ___________ doing his chores. a) get down from b) turn out of c) leave off from d) get out of 8) She never takes advice for __________. a) acquired b) given c) granted d) awarded 9) He had the worst breakup of his life. Let him ______ a few tears.  a) shed b) sob c) release d) spill 10) Sam advised me to _________ clear of the bars. a) stick b) stray c) veer d) steer




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