1) Name the British Values a) Democracy, Prevent, Safeguarding, Individual Liberty b) Individual Liberty, Rule of Law, Respect & Tolerance, Democracy c) Rule of Law, Tolerance, Punctuality, Common Sense d) Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Prevent 2) Who can I tell if I'm being bullied or abused? a) Mum b) Safeguarding officer c) Facebook d) Best friend e) Tutor 3) This method makes me have extreme views a) debating b) radicalisation c) socialising d) extremism 4) Where do we gather if we need to evacuate? a) front of Silkstone pub b) Pall Mall (side of Big Man's shop) c) Car park at side of Wellington House d) In front of Wilko's e) Inside Silkstone pub 5) How can I check my work for errors? a) print b) run a spellcheck c) by saving to my folder d) highlighting all data e) proofread f) Compare work sheet to completed work 6) If I click on an inserted Shape, what Tab becomes available? a) Home Tab b) Design Tab c) Picture Tools Tab d) Shapes Format Tab e) Table Format Tab 7) To insert an equilateral square or symmetrical circle, I need to... a) Press and hold Shift Key b) Select a circle or square shape c) Press and hold the Control Key 8) If I click on a Shape and select Send Backwards, that Shape will... a) Move Back one space b) Move straight to the Back c) Nothing will happen 9) What tool can I use to ensure my work is consistent? a) Cut, copy and paste b) Format Painter c) Align d) Spellcheck 10) Before I close my work, what must I do? a) print b) tell my tutor c) check my work for errors d) save my work e) Proofread

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