a happy camper - Mala enjoys her work, and has no grievances against her employer., a whizz-kid - Lars is a brilliant young man who has quickly become very successful., a toxic employee - Liv is an angry worker who is always spreading discontent in the office., a seagull manager - Daniel was brought in to deal with a big project, made a lot of fuss, achieved nothing and then left., a spear carrier - Elizabeth is a second-level manager who is responsible for carrying out commands and communicating messages from the top-level executives., a workaholic - Bengt works all the time, and is unhappy when he's not working., a plug-and-play employee - Steen is new to our company, but he didn't need to be trained for the job as he was already experienced in his line of work., a pilot fish - Louise is a junior executive who assists a senior executive, and is always following him around the building., a self-made man - Martin is rich and successful because of all the hard work he has done., a free worker - Theres often moves from one job to another because she has skills that a lot of companies value., a nethead - Frederic is obsessed with the Internet, and spends all his time on the computer.,

HR relevant idiomatic nouns (part 1)


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