1) what type is the ph scale of 1 a) alkali b) acid c) base d) strong acid e) strong alkali f) metal 2) what is a strong acid a) copper b) nitric c) iron d) calcium nitrate e) magnesium chloride f) sodium nitrate 3) how do you know if oxidation has happened? a) If it rusts b) if it gets stronger c) if it melts 4) what is the most reactive in the reactivity series? a) lead b) potassium c) gold d) K 5) what is the rule of a word equation? a) they can only use symbols b) they can only use words c) they can only contain acids 6) is soil acid? (true or false) a) false b) true 7) what is a good indicator? a) litmus paper b) red cabbage c) universal indicator d) vinegar 8) what are the properties of non-metals a) strong b) not shiny c) not strong d) good thermal conductors e) does not conduct electricity f) does not gain electrons 9) what is the periodic table? a) it tells you acids b) it tells you about elements like metals non-metals and noble gasses. c) it does not tell you anything 10) what is a radiator made up of? a) gas b) liquid c) metal

acids, alkali, ph scale and solid liquid and gasses




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