Which do you think is _________ (hard) to learn, your own language or English?, What's ____________ (difficult) thing about studying English?, What's ________ (bad) holiday you've ever had?, Which do you use ______ (often), a car or public transport?, What is your _________ (unhealthy) habbit?, If you have a technical problem who's _____ (good) person you know to help you?, Which do you think is _______ (practical), a laptop or a tablet?, Apart from English, what do you think is ______ (useful) language to learn?, Do you find listening is _______ (easy) than speaking?, What's _______ (long) journey you've ever been on?, Do you think travelling alone is _____ (enjoyable) than travelling with friends or family?, Which part of the day is ______ (relaxing) for you?, Do you eat ______ (healthily) than in the past?, What's your ____ (good) friend like?, Who speaks English ______ (fluently) in your family or among your friends?, Is it _______ (cheap) to buy things online than in a shop?, What's _____ (expensive) gadget you've ever bought?.


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