1) We won’t go for a walk until it stops raining. (Only when) 2) During their trip, my cousins didn’t call home at any time. (At no time) 3) I haven’t seen such a long movie before. (Rarely) 4) Jane organised the party and cleared everything away afterwards. (Not only) 5) Paula phoned her mom as soon as she got home. (No sooner) 6) We had only just begun opening our presents when there was a knock at the door. (Hardly) 7) The shopping centre won’t be closed under any circumstances. (Under no circumstances) 8) They haven’t tried to make such an expensive movie as this before. (Never) 9) Fiona Watson took part in an international singing contest just the once. (Only once) 10) We aren’t going to see our cousins until the New Year. (Not until)


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