I could't go in the sea because... - I hadn't brought my swimsuit., I could't find the restaurant because... - I hadn't looked at the map., I didn't recognized my friend because... - She had changed the colour of her hair., I could't sleep because... - I'd drunk too much coffee., I could't use my mobile phone because... - I hadn't charged the battery., I turned on the TV to watch the football, but... - the match had finished., I could't read the menu because... - I'd left my glasses at home., I argued with my husband because... - he hadn't done the washing up., I could't eat the fish because... - the chef had put too much salt on it., I failed the exam because... - I hadn't studied enough., I could't find my car because... - I'd forgotten where I parked it., I didn't wake up because... - I hadn't set the alarm.,

INTERMEDIATE 5 - Past Perfect


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