I wish I had learnt Spanish. - You are in a restaurant in Madrid. You can’t understand the menu., I wish I could learn Spanish. - You want to learn Spanish but the college only offers evening classes in French., I wish you would learn Spanish. - Your friend is taking French at school. You think Spanish is more useful., I wish I could get a better job. - You hate your job and keep on applying for different jobs, I wish I had got a better job. - You are about to retire – but your pension is not very big, I wish you would work harder. - Your partner moans about his/her online classes – but he/she doesn’t do anything the teacher assigns., I wish I had married him. - A few years ago your boyfriend asked you to marry him – but you refused. Now you regret it!, I wish I could marry him. - You have a crush on Robert Pattinson., I wish I had gone to bed earlier last night. - You are very tired this morning., I wish I could go to bed earlier. - You have a lot of work to do in the evenings so you always get to bed late., I wish you would go to bed earlier. - Your neighbour stays up late playing loud music after you have gone to bed.,




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