1) 1. Clearing a forest to build a shopping mall will most likely result in woodpeckers — a) nesting on roofs b) losing habitat c) laying more eggs d) flying slower 2) 2. If a fire destroyed the grasses on a grassy plain, which animal would most likely be affected first? a) Coyotes b) Alligators c) Rabbits d) Red-tailed Hawks 3) 3. Which of these might cause a forest habitat to become a desert? a)  drought b) flood c) high winds d) Cold winters 4) 4. Bison are grazing animals. They travel across a prairie, eating grass. If there were too many bison in an area, there would probably be— a)  fewer predators of bison b) many other large grazing animals c)  tall shrubs and many trees d) less grass and more bare soil 5) 5. The Great Barrier Reef has a number of endangered species which live only in that ecosystem. What would MOST LIKELY happen if pollution killed most of the coral that made up the reef? a)  The endangered species might become extinct. b)  The animals on the reef would find a new habitat. c)  The population size of the endangered species would increase. d) The endangered species would take the niche of the dead coral. 6) 6. A new road is being built through a forest. Which of the following would most likely will be the effect of this change? a) More habitat is being created, b) Animals may increase in population. c) Animals may decrease in population. d) Precipation will increase in the area.

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