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1) An authoritative organisation that enforces health and safety legislation in the UK. a) Cyfarpar Amddiffynnol Personol b) Llidiog c) Yr Awdurdod Gweithredol Iechyd a Diogelwch d) Trwydded i Weithio 2) A non-corrosive substance which can cause inflammation on the body through contact. a) Llidiog b) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario c) Fflamadwyedd d) Mesurau Rheoli 3) Tasks that require a person to transport a load by lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying an object. a) Achos fu bron â digwydd b) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario c) Person Cymwys d) Digwyddiad Adroddadwy 4) A document that details how a particular working process will be conducted in a safe manner a) Hysbysiad Gwahardd b) Trwydded i Weithio c) Digwyddiad Peryglus d) Datganiad Dull 5) A Formal, written specification for controlling risks when carrying out hazardous work. a) Asesiad Risg b) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario c) Trwydded i Weithio d) Mesurau Rheoli 6) A formal notice that is issued by the Health and Safety Executive to stop all work until a problem is dealt with. a) Hysbysiad Gwahardd b) Rheoliadau Rheoli Sŵn yn y Gwaith c) Achos fu bron â digwydd d) Person Cymwys 7) A procedure for reducing the potential risks which may be involved in a work activity. a) Fflachbwynt b) Asesiad Risg c) Hysbysiad Gwahardd d) Cymorth Cyntaf 8) Substances, usually poisonous, that cause irritation and have detrimental effects on health a) Amlygiad b) Digwyddiad Peryglus c) Fflachbwynt d) Gwenwynig 9) The minimum temperature in which the vapour of a substance, when mixed with oxygen, will ignite when a flame is applied, a) Fflachbwynt b) Cymorth Cyntaf c) Damwain d) Risg 10) Medical attention given to an ill or injured person to preserve life, until full medical treatment is available. a) Digwyddiad Peryglus b) Amlygiad c) Marwolaeth d) Cymorth Cyntaf

Health and Saftey : Terms English Desc Welsh Keywords 11-20


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