1) My father's wife is my ..... a) mother b) sister c) grandma 2) I (girl) am my mother's .... a) son b) daughter c) sister 3) Mother of my mother is my ..... a) grandmother b) grandfather c) father 4) Son of my parents is my.... a) son b) brother c) cousin 5) Sister of my father is my .... a) cousin b) brother c) aunt 6) Parents of my parents are my .... a) grandma and grandpa b) sister and brother c) uncle and aunt 7) My brother is my grandpa's ...... a) brother b) son c) grandson 8) My sister is my uncle's .... a) niece b) nephew c) daughter 9) My brother is my aunt's .... a) nephew b) son c) brother 10) Daughter of my aunt is my ... a) cousin b) sister c) aunt




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