alarm - a clock that makes a noise to wake you, blanket - a thick, warm cover that you sleep under, duvet - a cover filled with feathers or warm material that you sleep under, fall asleep - to start sleeping, fast asleep - completely asleep, keep sb awake - to make someone not to sleep, insomnia - the problem of not being able to sleep, jet-lagged - tired and confused because you have made a long trip by plane from a place where the time is different, nap - a short sleep, especially during the day, nightmare - a bad dream, oversleep - to sleep for longer than you intended to and so wake up late, sheet - a large piece of thin cloth used on a bed for sleeping on or under, siesta - a rest or sleep taken after lunch, especially in hot countries, sleeping tablets - a pill that you take to help you to sleep better, snore - to breathe in a very noisy way while you are sleeping, yawn - to open the mouth wide and take a lot of air into the lungs and slowly send it out, usually when tired or bored, sleep like a log - to sleep very well, without being woken by any noises,


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