Victoria Marston, deputy features editor, Country Life: My Dolly Parton is beautiful, if slightly more clown-like in appearance than the real Dolly. The favourite pastime of strangers on the street is ‘guess the breeds’. Classics include Collie-cross-Chihuahua, and Bernese Mountain Dog-meets-Papillon. The time I found her swallowing a live rat whole was all the evidence I needed that there’s terrier in there somewhere. , Flic Everett, freelance journalist (The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian): Named after the crime writer, James Ellroy, my golden working cocker spaniel, Ellroy, thinks ‘work’ is collecting a frisbee. If he isn’t kept busy, he will eat anything he can rip to shreds - from bank statements to magazines featuring my work. His favourite things are being cuddled, having his ears scratched and the two biscuits he gets at bedtime.  , Rose Fooks, deputy food editor, Future: Mimi Valenteeny is a scrappy little outdoorsy thing. She may be teeny, but her large ears and feisty personality transcend her proportions. She collects tennis balls and enjoys long walks., Richard Negus, contributor, Shooting Times: A dog that retrieves your dinner rather than stealing it off the kitchen sideboard has to be worthy of note, doesn’t it? Dear little Mabel: blackest of coat, silkiest of ear and kindest of heart, she is the truest and bounciest of my friends., Jessica Ransom, senior food writer, Future: Bumble is approximately 70 per cent fluff. When she’s napping, it's sometimes tricky to tell which end is which! Her signature colour is yellow, which should give you a clue as to the inspiration behind her name. , Patrick Galbraith, editor, Shooting Times: Hattie was a present for my 17th birthday. She grew up in Scotland and then joined me at university in Bristol before being evicted by an unwelcoming landlord. She previously spent her days chasing rabbits in Dumfriesshire (not much bigger than she is), but the rabbits are fewer now as she is getting older. ,

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