Prawda: I'm looking for my dog. It got lost yesterday., This tuna salad looks great! , I'm having a shower right now., I have a lot of work to do., The cook is tasting a soup., This fish tastes awful., Can you see a difference? - No, I can't., I'm seeing my doctor this afternoon., I think she's wrong., Look out! There is a dangerous dog., I hear a strange noise downstairs., I'm listening to music now., I'm thinking about my next holidays., I see him! He's just crossing the street., Fałsz: I look for my dog. It got lost yesterday., This tuna salad is looking great!, I have a shower right now., I'm having a sister and two brothers., This fish is tasting awful., I see my doctor this afternoon., I'm thinking she's wrong., I can't seeing you :(, Looking out! There is a tiger... , I'm listening to strange noise downstairs., I'm hearing to music now., I'm seeing him! He's just crossing the street.,

Czasowniki (look, see, taste, hear, listen ...) - Egzamin Ósmoklasisty


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