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Glyniad - The “sticking” of a material to the background , Agreg - The coarse material that is the bulk of a mix , Datwm - A datum is a fixed point for reference levels, they may be permanent Ordnance Bench Marks (OBMs) or Temporary Bench Marks (TBMs), Sugnedd - The porosity or ability to absorb water from an applied material , Bellcast - Formed with or without beads, externally to divert rain away from openings or bases of walls , Cracellu - Hair line cracks on newlyplastered and rendered surfaces, PVC - Hot melt rubber compound used for moulds in casting, Arafwr - Added to a mix to slow setting and allow more working time, Sgrîd - Band of material used as a guide for ruling off, as in broad screed , Sgrim - Self adhesive tape or jute hessian cloth used to prevent cracking when plastering onto plasterboard, Diblisgo - Plaster coming away from background caused by adhesion failure , Tramel - A piece of equipment, constructed from timber, containing grooves in the form of a cross on which a gig stick runs along to form arches.,

Glossary of terms Plastering


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