1) - Hello! You live next door, don't you? - Oh, yes. We ... there since the end of March. a) have been living b) have lived 2) - You look tired. - Yes, we know. We ... in the garden since 5 p.m. a) have been working b) have worked 3) My sister ... two very fashionable blouses. I like them. a) has been buying b) has bought 4) "James, you ... up the whole thing. I don't believe you!" a) have been making b) have made 5) - I hear you are takng lessons of Dutch. - Yes, I am. In fact, I ... it for 3 months already. a) have been learning b) have learnt 6) I ... 14 rose bushes so far this morning. a) have been planting b) have planted 7) I ... Joe for two hours already. Unfortunately there is no answer. a) have been phoning b) have phoned 8) - I can't remeber seeing him here before. - Really? But he ... in this street for nearly 10 years. a) has been living b) has lived 9) - Has she only just learnt to play tennis? - Oh, no. She ... it for more than 2 years. a) has been playing b) has played 10) How long ... you ... Beatrice? a) have been knowing b) have known 11) I know you ... . Your eyes are red. a) have been crying b) have cried 12) At last I ... my room! - It looks wonderful! a) have been painting b) have painted 13) How long ... you ... your room? a) have been painting b) have painted 14) Their family recently ... in Moscow. a) have been arriving b) have arrived

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