Could you manage____(live) for a week without your phone?, Do you ever get a chance____(practise) English outside class?, If you really hated your friend's partner, would you pretend______(like) him/her or would you tell your friend about your feelings straightaway?, Is there any kind of housework you can't stand___(do)?, Would you ever risk____(eat) something which was past its sell-by-date?, Is there anything you think you should give up____(do)?, What kind of things do you tend_____(worry) about?, Did your parents let you____(play) in the street late in the evening when you were a child?, Do you sometimes forget______(do) things that need to be done or do you have a good memory?, What city or country do you fancy____(visit)?, Are there any apps you'd recommend____(get)?, Is there a programme/ a show you can't help____(watch) even though you don't think it's very good?, Do you think it's worth_____(have) a yearly medical check up?, Is there anything that needs____(do) in your flat?, Have you ever tried_____(assemble) flat pack furniture?, Can you imagine_____(emigrate) to another country?, Is there any housework that you don't mind_____(do)?, Do you remember______(meet) your best friend for the first time?, Did your parents ever make you_______(learn) something you didn't enjoy?, Is there a film you're looking forward to_______(watch)?, Would you prefer______(spend) a week on the beach or a week in the country?.

8B Gerunds and infinitives


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