Who is your best friend? What is the most interesting fact you can remember about him?, Who is the oldest member of your family?, What was the most interesting book you read last year?, What is the biggest shopping centre in your city?, Book is the best present. Do you agree?, What was the most expensive present that someone's ever given to you?, What was the most boring subject at school on Monday for you?, Which animal do you thing the most beautiful: whale, lion, wolf / your opinion?, He usually drives a car, but yesterday..., She usually runs in the morning, but yesterday..., She usually draws fruits, but yesterday..., They usually swims in the swimming pool, but yesterday..., He usually sleeps in the bed, but yesterday..., He usually flies by plane on holidays, but yesterday..., They usually sit on the bench in the park, but yesterday..., He usually catches small fish, but yesterday....

Superlative questions + Irregular forms for kids


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