1) I'm going to have Mike ________ my computer to see what is wrong. a) look at b) to look at 2) One of my wisdom teeth really hurt, so I went to the dentist ________. a) to remove it b) to have it removed 3) Jimmy is dead. The mafia boss ________. a) killed b) had him killed 4) I had the ________ when I was renovating my apartment. a) wall knocked down b) wall knock down 5) I have ________ many times. a) my heart broken b) had my heart broken 6) The authorities ________ as soon as they found out she was there illegally. a) had her deported b) deported 7) I ________ on my lower back. a) did a tattoo b) had a tattoo done 8) They passed me up for that position. I ________________ for that position. a) passed b) was passed up 9) By tomorrow, I will have bought the car. By tomorrow, the car ________________ by me. a) will buy b) will have been bought 10) Most students misunderstand this story. This story ________________ by most students. a) was misunderstood b) is misunderstood 11) The movers have delivered the furniture. The furniture ________________ by the movers. a) was delivered b) has been delivered 12) His brother was telling him to calm down. He ________________ to calm down by his brother. a) was told b) was being told




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