1) Leslie was green with envy that Nia got the main role in the school play. a) happy b) jealous 2) Mary’s garden always looks so nice. She’s got a green thumb. a) likes taking care of the Earth b) good with growing plants 3) We got the green light to launch our new website. a) to get permission to do something b) to get a green lantern for doing something 4) The Sloan family decided to go green by recycling, wasting less paper, turning off the lights, and using less water. a) to have environmentally friendly habits b) to get green trash cans and recycling bins 5) Ben played the lottery today. He said he was feeling lucky. I hope he wins. a) feeling like you are having bad luck b) feeling like you have good luck 6) Franklin, George, and Luke pulled straws to see who had to pay for dinner. It was luck of the draw that George and Luke did not have to pay. a) when the outcome results in pure luck and chance b) when you draw a picture and win a prize  7) I’d ask my boss for more vacation time, but I don’t want to push my luck. a) to leave work early to go on vacation  b) to test the boundaries with risky behavior without receiving any ramifications… yet 8) We have awesome seats for the concert. We lucked out. a) to have something good happen to you. b) to be lucky outside 9) Ron renovated the old factory building and ended up striking gold. It’s the hottest spot in town now! a) finding gold in a drawer b) to be very fortunate with something. 10) Daisy volunteers every Saturday at the shelter. She’s got a heart of gold. a) a good person who is kind and thoughtful. b) her heart is made out of gold

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