Be able to speak all the languages in the world OR win a million $? , Not be able to see the end of any movie you watch OR have someone reveal the plot of every movie right before the end, Always be 10 minutes late OR 20 minutes early? , Have a key that opens any door OR be able to hear people's thoughts?, Have to dance every time you hear music OR sing along to every song you hear? , Move to a new city every month OR never be able to leave the place you were born in? , Travel the world for a year on a tiny tiny budget OR stay in one place for a year, living in a luxury hotel? , Never be able to lie OR have your thoughts be heard by everyone around you? , Be able to teleport anywhere OR be able to influence people's thoughts ? , Have freezing, white snowy winter all year round OR scorching hot, sunny summer all year round? , Be able to see 10 minutes into your future OR 100 years in the future? , Have your hair made of edible spaghetti (that grows every night) OR sausage fingers? , Give up chocolate for a year OR your smartphone for a month?, Only be able to watch one show for the rest of your life OR only be able to watch the first episode of any show for rest of your life?, Be able to freeze time OR travel in time?, Be the smartest person in every room OR be most liked person in every room? , Hear the Baby Shark song every morning when you wake up OR have to have dinner with Donald Trump every day? , Create a new holiday OR create a new language?, Be an amazing artist OR an amazing dancer?, Travel to the past OR travel to the future?.

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