1) This food is soft and it tastes sweet. It is made from cream, sugar and fruit or chocolate. It is eaten very cold, usually in summer. a) ICECREAM b) CHOCOLATE CAKE c) FRUIT TART 2) This food is crunchy and it can be salty or sweet. It is often eaten in the cinema. a) POPCORN b) CRISPS c) CEREALS 3) This food is hard on the outside, but usually soft in the middle. It is very versatile and is used to make lots of sweet and savoury dishes. In the UK people also eat it on its own for breakfast or in a sandwich. a) EGGS b) BREAD c) SALAD 4) This food is usually hard and crunchy, and it is red or green in colour. People often use it to make desserts, eg pies. a) APPLES b) PEPPERS c) BERRIES 5) Which of these do the British eat most of in Europe? a) CRISPS AND CHOCOLATE b) FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES c) SAUSAGES 6) What is the most popular food in Britain? a) PIZZA b) FISH AND CHIPS c) CURRY 7) What is ‘haggis’? a) A COCKTAIL MADE FROM WHISKY AND FRUIT JUICE b) A TYPE OF FISH EATEN IN SCOTLAND c) A SCOTTISH DISH MADE FROM SHEEP'S STOMACH AND INNARDS 8) Stilton, cheddar and double gloucester are all kinds of: a) APPLE b) CHEESE c) PIG 9) What do most British people have for breakfast? a) TOAST AND CEREAL b) CAPPUCCINO AND CROISSANT c) FRIED EGGS AND BACON 10) Which of the following ingredients would not be a possible ingredient of a British pudding? a) PIG'S BLOOD b) CHOCOLATE c) LETTUCE


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