Questions: What shall we do first?, Would you like to start or shall I?, What's your take on that?, What do you reckon?, What are your thoughts on this one?, Shall we go with this one?, Agreeing: Absolutely!, Exactly!, You took the words right out of my mouth., I'm 100% with you on that one., I agree with you., You're right., Disagreeing: I take your point, but..., I don't think I agree with you on that one ..., However, ..., I see what you mean, but..., That's not always the case., Expressing your opinion: As I see it..., From my point of view ..., I'd say that ..., I suppose, I assume, I reckon, My initial reaction is ..., Another point I'd like to add is ..., I'm torn between ... and ...,

CAE Speaking Part 3 (phrases)


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