1) I'm a fruit. I'm long and yellow. Monkeys like me. a) a lemon b) a banana c) an apple 2) I'm very small and green, but I'm not a bean a) a kiwi b) a pear c) a pea 3) I'm brown and white. There's lot's of milk in me. a) a coconut b) a potato c) a carrot 4) I'm yellow. You can make a great drink from me. a) a banana b) a lemon c) a bean 5) I'm a fruit and a colour. You can make fruit juice from me. a) pink b) watermelon c) an orange 6) I'm red and round. Some people put it on pizzas. a) cheese b) a tomato c) mushroom 7) I'm long and orange and horses like eating me. a) a carrot b) an orange c) a sausage 8) I'm green and black but I'm not a grape a) a bean b) an onion c) a kiwi




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