Would you rather have ice cream or a cookie for dessert?, Would you rather have a cat or dog?, Would you rather play soccer or basketball?, Would you rather go to the beach or the zoo?, What is the best game to play at recess?, What is your favorite subject in school?, If you could have one toy, what would you choose?, If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?, If you could have a new pet, what animal would you choose?, If you could plan your next field trip, where would you go?, If you were forced to spend the rest of your life in a library or museum or a zoo, which would you choose?, If you could have any super power, which super power would you choose?, If you could be a wild animal, which wild animal would you become?, If you could visit another country or state, what country or state would you visit?, What is your favorite book?, What is your favorite ice cream flavor?, What is your favorite candy?, What is your favorite game to play with your family?, What would you like to be when you grow up?, Should we have uniforms at school?, What do you think is the most important invention?, Would you rather live in a forest or at the beach?.


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