1) In the morning I ________. a) get up b) up  c) get get d) getting up 2) And I _________. a) having a shower b) have  c) shower d) have a shower 3) Then, I __________. a) breakfast  b) have breakfast c) have d) break 4) After that, I __________. a) brushing  b) brush c) brush my teeth d) teeth 5) Next, I __________. a) school b) go c) go to school d) to 6) In the afternoon, I __________. a) have lunch b) lunch c) have d) having 7) After lunch, I __________. a) do  b) do my homework c) homework d) doing 8) after that , I __________. a) lesson music b) class c) have music lessons d) music 9) In the evening, I __________. a) games play  b) play  c) game d) play video games 10) At night, I __________. a) have  b) have dinner  c) dinner d) having dinner 11) And then, I __________. a) sleep b) go c) go to sleep d) bed




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