If you had a time machine for one journey, where would you go?, How would you react if a stranger gave you a hug on the street?, If you had to eat one meal for a month, what would it be?, What were your dream professions as a child?, What movie would you watch a hundred times, and why?, If you could do something crazy without any consequences, what would you do?, In what ways do you usually express your love towards someone?, What famous person would you love to spend one hour talking with?, How do you picture yourself in ten years’ time?, If you could change one thing in the past, what would it be?, Could you tell us about a person who had a big influence on who you are?, What are the three things you would take with you to a desert island?, If you had the time and inspiration to write a book, what would it be about?, What are three of your personality traits that you are most satisfied with?, Could you share with us one of your short-term and one of your long-term goals?, What kind of music can make you feel relaxed in the blink of an eye?, What is the most out-of-character thing you have ever done?, If you received 20.000 forints at a shopping mall to spend in one hour, what would you buy?, What is the kindest compliment you have received lately?, When was the last time you had a long and meaningful conversation with someone?.


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