1) What is Technology?  a) Things created by humans that make life easier and solve problems. b) Everything around us is technology.  2) What are vaccines?  a) They are tools that help us look inside the body.  b) They are medicines that protect us from the disease.  3) What problems might solar energy solve?  a) It might solve the problem of running out of energy sources.  b) It does not solve a problem, and it causes pollutions.  4) GPS relies on space satellites that send signals to Earth.  a) False  b) True  5) New technologies make use of old technologies. For example, computers use electricity.  a) True b) False 6) What is the design process? a) It is a step-by-step method used to solve a problem. b) They are the states of matter. 7) Why do we use the design process? a) We use it to build, create, and solve a problem. b) We use it when cooking food. 8) X-rays were discovered more than 100 years ago. For the first time, doctors could look inside the body without touching it. Today, doctors also use digital technology to look inside people`s bodies.  a) True b) False

What is technology?




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