1) The sailboat has a ___________ hanging on its side. a) lifeboat b) rainboat 2) There is a cardboard box by the _____________________. a) roadside b) railroad c) sideline 3) The car came to a ____________and turned left. a) roadblock b) crossroads c) traffic 4) The boy does tricks on a ________________. a) skateboard b) sailboat c) basket 5) We should take a __________ today. a) cockroach b) raincoat c) mainplane 6) The mailman will put the letters in the ______box.  a) old b) mail c) male 7) The _________are wide and flat and full of tall grass. a) plains b) plain c) plane 8) The kitten will lay down on the bottom ________ case. a) stare b) stair c) stay




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