1) What is your favourite school subject? 2) What do you like to eat? 3) What do you like to drink? 4) What is your favourite car? 5) What can you do? What can't you do? I can/I can't... 6) What is your favourite season?Why? 7) What is in your backpack? 8) Where are you from? What nationality are you?  9) Can you describe your bedroom? 10) What's the weather like today? It is... 11) What are you wearing today? I am wearing... 12) What month is it now? It is... 13) What can you see? 14) What can you smell? 15) What can you hear? 16) What can you taste? 17) What can you feel? 18) What do you do in the morning? 19) What do you do in the afternoon? 20) What do you do in the evening?


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