1) I __________ my grandma yesterday. a) visited b) visit c) visits 2) He __________ the dishes yesterday evening. a) washed b) wash c) washes 3) He _____________ when he was a child. a) plays the piano b) play the piano c) played the piano 4) She didn't ____________ the stairs. a) sweep b) swept c) sweeps 5) Did he ____________ to music at home? a) listens to music b) listen to music c) listened to music 6) Did he _________ at home? a) works b) worked c) work 7) He __________ home last month. a) stayed at home b) stays at home c) stay at home 8) Did he _________ with his girlfriend? a) chat b) chatted c) chats

Complete the sentences with the correct verbs.


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