1) A blue whale is _____________ than an elephant. a) heavyer b) heavier c) the heaviest 2) A flea is ___________ than a spider. a) small b) the smallest c) smaller 3) A kangaroo rat can live _____________ without water than a camel. a) longer b) long c) the longest 4) A box jellyfish is _____________ than a scorpio. a) poisonouser b) more poisonous c) the most poisonous 5) The Sahara is ____________ desert in the world. a) bigger b) the bigest c) the biggest 6) The Nile is _____________ river in the world. a) the longest b) longer c) long 7) Venus is ___________ planet in our solar system. a) hotter b) the hottest c) the hotest 8) A gorilla is _____________ than a dog. a) more intelligenter b) more intelligent c) the most intelligent 9) A bee is ____________ than an ant. a) more hard-working b) hard-working c) the most hard-working 10) A newborn red kangaroo is 30,000 times _______ than its mum. a) smaller b) smallest c) the smallest 11) Mount Waialeale, Hawaii is ____________ place in the world. a) the wetest b) wetter c) the wettest 12) The Romans were ___________ at road building than the Greeks.  a) better b) beter c) the best 13) What's ____________ film? a) the worse b) the worst c) bad 14) His house is ____________ on the street.  a) nicest b) the nicer c) the nicest 15) Dolphins are _____________ than sharks. a) more playful b) the most playful c) playful



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