1) During which kingdom Kemet (ancient Egypt) the most united? 2) What does "Kemet" mean? 3) What continent is Egypt located in?  4) What resources of North Africa are the most valuable? 5) What is the climate of North Africa? 6) How many North African countries have coastlines? 7) Why do you think almost all of the people of Egypt live near the Nile? 8) Name the major bodies of water that surround and are part of Egypt 9) Why was papyrus so important to the ancient Egyptians? 10) What countries border modern-day Egypt?  11) What might the boundaries of ancient Egypt tell us about its relationship with the kingdom of Kush at this time? 12) How is the hippo significant to ancient Egyptians? 13) Where does the Nile River begin? 14) Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Nile River as a god. Why do you think they did so? 15) What was Ancient Egyptian paper called? 16) Which animals no longer exist in present-day Egypt? 17) This water source feeds into the Nile and is found in Ethiopia. 18) This is one of the oldest crops cultivated by people. 19) How did the Red Sea get its name? 20) What countries does the Red Sea separate? 21) How much annual (yearly) rain does Egypt receive? 22) If I am traveling from Egypt to Iraq, which direction I am traveling? 23) What landform was the most suitable to construct the pyramids? 24) How did physical earth features protect ancient Egypt? 25) I am a triangular piece of fertile land.

Lesson 42: Kemet (ancient Egypt) Geography Challenge (Saillant)




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