1) The importance of mandarin as a global language has __________ a) increased dramatically b) risen sharply c) dropped alarmingly 2) There has been _________ in the use of Chinese on the Internet a) a surge b) a drop c) an increase 3) Numbers of people using Arabic on the Internet have ______ in recent years a) plummeted b) soared c) grown 4) There has been a relative ________ in the percentage of people using english online, as numbers of people using languages such as Chinese, Russian and Arabic have increased. a) surge b) decline c) drop 5) Numbers of Chinese speakers with access to the internet have __________ a) rocketed b) exploded c) collapsed 6) There has been a ________ increase in the use of Spanish online a) steady b) sharp c) gradual

Describing Trends_Choose the two correct options to describe the trend




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