1) It's a cat. It likes to ... a) play b) smile c) study 2) It's a crocodile. It likes to.... a) play b) hug c) swim 3) It's a cow. It likes to ... a) eat b) dance c) sing 4) It's a goat. It likes to ... a) jump b) pray c) eat 5) It's a lion. It likes to .... a) sleep b) help c) save 6) It's a tiger. It likes to.... a) paint b) eat c) help 7) It's a rabbit. It likes to... a) smile b) write c) jump 8) It's a donkey. It likes to... a) clean b) walk c) jump 9) It's a bear. It likes to... a) hug b) sleep c) study 10) It's a wolf. It likes to... a) sing b) eat c) wash 11) It's a horse. It likes to... a) play b) read c) run

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