Control water or earth?, Have messy hair for the whole day or have your hands frozen all day?, Go skating in an ice rink or on a frozen lake?, Do arts and crafts or woodworking for two hours straighht?, Have something sweet that isn't healthy or something healthy that's gross?, Have a little girl do your hair or an adult who made it messy?, Be a superhero or a super villain, Watch TV for the whole day or study at home for the whole day?, Be stuck upside down on a roller coaster or stuck in a hot air balloon in the sky?, Be stuck in quick sand or stuck out in the ocean with a shark?, Be at the pool or at a fun clubhouse with no pool in 99 degrees?, Run for two miles or robot dance for two miles?, Bake a 20 layer cake that you can't eat or be in school studying when school is closed?, Wear your clothes inside out all day or wear clothes that are too small?, Have the best vacation ever or get $40,000 dollars?.


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