What kind of movies do you like?, Do you have children?, What time do you usually get up?, Describe with 3 sentences the picture about daily routines., Ask me a question using about my daily routine, When’s your birthday?, What time do you usually have lunch?, What is that?, What do you do?, When do you do your homework?, How many pets do you have?, How many brothers and sisters do you have?, Tell me about something you like to do on the weekends, How about your town?, What do you do in your free time?, Tell me about your best friend. What is he or she like?, What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of a good friend?, Which is your favorite season and why?, What day is today?, How do you spell your teacher's lastname?, What are some activities you don't like to do on vacation?, Tell me your mom's/ dad's/ best friend's likes and dislikes, Give examples using singular and plural forms of the nouns, Describe the image.

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